SkyWay at “Transport of Russia”. Day One: Photo Report   

SkyWay at “Transport of Russia”. Day One: Photo Report  

07 December 2017 7858

The XI-th International exhibition “Transport of Russia” takes place in Moscow on December 6-8 at the shopping center Gostiny Dvor. Everyone can see SkyWay technologies at display stand A0.1.

As in 2016, an increased interest is observed at SkyWay display stand, it was visited by the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, who made a photo with a unibus in the official VK account, as well as by other high officials.

Many people remark that the stand of the innovative SkyWay transport is located opposite the stand of the transportation monopolist OJSC “RZD” (“Russian Railways”) and it is just the small area between stands of OJSC “RZD” and SkyWay Technologies Co. that has become the most agitated place on the first day, the place where different transport ideas have met. The recent film “Train of the future” (in Russian) by Sergey Malozyomov also contains this competitive parallel between the generations of transport: yesterday’s railway and tomorrow’s SkyWay transport. Everyone can make personal conclusions.

The information that SkyWay creator was not allowed to come to his own presentation (in Russian) in Moscow through a misunderstanding, leaked to the media.

Yes, imagine, the creator of SkyWay transport Anatoly Yunitskiy was not found in the list of FSO (Federal Security Guard Service), where the participants of the exhibition “Transport of Russia-2017” were recorded. As reported by a responsible employee of SkyWay Technologies Co., the application for Yunitskiy’s inclusion in the list of participants was submitted on time providing passport data and photos of the General designer and an official refusal from FSO was not received. As explained by the Manager of the company-organizer of the event, a namesake of the engineer was entered by FSO in the number of persons permitted to attend the exhibition instead of Anatoly Yunitskiy. On the site, no namesake was found in the list...

We continue to monitor the situation and the exhibition in general, today we offer you a photo report from the first day.

Cover photo – Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation


Viacheslav Evtukh