“Train of the Future” with Sergey Malozyomov

“Train of the Future” with Sergey Malozyomov

05 December 2017 4559

“NTV” channel has released the premiere of the documentary film by Sergey Malozyomov “Train of the future”. In his new project the author and presenter of such programs as “Miracle of technology” and “Living and dead food " evaluates promising directions in the development of railway transport under the conditions of modern technological revolution.

Watching the new film by Sergey Malozyomov you will learn about the real achievements of domestic and foreign engineers, the latest scientific developments and current transport trends ― in short, about all the components being assembled today in the train of the future.

We offer to you a part of the film on SkyWay transport with subtitles.

Viacheslav Evtukh