SkyWay Presentation in Thailand

SkyWay Presentation in Thailand

16 February 2018 3993

The record of the speech from the Head of targeted projects Department Kiryl Badulin, in which he spoke about the solutions offered by SkyWay project organization in the sphere of cargo and passenger transportation. The possibilities of the technology for Thailand were presented separately.

Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor Infrastructure Development Project conference took place on January 30-31, 2018. Subjects of discussions included Thailand 4.0, the project of underground cities in Malaysia, Thailand’s cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and others.

As Kiryl Badulin commented on his report, “To participate in the conference, Skyway Technologies Co. has done a lot of preparatory work resulting in our distinguished stand among other participants attracting everyone’s attention. SkyWay innovative solutions for container transportation and seaports aroused the greatest interest among the participants of the conference. The first day of the conference was devoted to the general development concept for Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor, the use of renewable energy sources, the development of high-speed railways and port infrastructure, the development of airport logistics, attraction of funds to proceed with infrastructure projects. Reports were also made by experts from Bangkok and Singapore, Europe and Australia”.

Evgeny Petrov