The Snows of Kilimanjaro

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

23 February 2018 2785

The SkyWay project never ceases to serve as a source of inspiration for people who are strong, courageous and creative. We have repeatedly reported about the records of the famous athlete Kirill Shimko, on the achievements at competitions of the highest level by the master of sports in rowing Alexander Baltynskiy, on masterpieces of the musical project Spade and on hoisting the SkyWay flag at the top of Mount Elbrus by our courageous investor Guzel Magasumova.

This time Guzel has taken a new height! We bring to your attention a video interview with Guzel illustrated with photos and videos with stunning views of Kilimanjaro from her personal archive.


Once during the Civil war, Abraham Lincoln visited a Church near the White House. When his companion and he returned to the White House after the service, the former asked:

— What do you think about today’s sermon?

—It was brilliantly thought out, — Lincoln replied, — it was based on biblical texts, containing important thoughts, and was well read.

— So, you liked it?

― No, — said Lincoln. — It was unsuccessful, because it has not called us to do great things.


The speech by Guzel calls for them, therefore, we consider it successful. We invite you to make sure of this!

Mikhail Kirichenko