SkyWay flag on Elbrus peak

SkyWay flag on Elbrus peak

25 August 2016 5324

In August this year, a group of enthusiasts led by the SkyWay regional representative in Chelyabinsk Guzel Magasumova have raised the SkyWay flag on the Mount Elbrus peak. The Head of the information service Mikhail Kirichenko, who interviewed Guzel, gave an annotation to the news release on this event:

"As you know, the academician A. Tupolev once said: "Only beautiful airplanes fly perfectly!" Have you noticed how elegant and beautiful engineering solutions of Yunitskiy’s Sky Ways are? That is why they should operate perfectly. That is why for this reason they are a source of inspiration for a huge number of people on the planet!

According to Dostoevsky, it is the beauty that should save the world! So how can we forget about the beautiful half of humanity? Recently, a resident of Chelyabinsk Guzel Magasumova, whose name means "beauty", inspired by the SkyWay ideas has raised the SkyWay flag at the highest point of Europe.

We offer to your attention a video interview with Guzel, illustrated by her filming with great sights of Elbrus from her personal archive, as well as a wonderful parable.

We wish our project to get more hummingbirds and less hedgehogs! After watching the video, you will understand..."

Pleasant viewing!

Evgeny Petrov