Only the Best in the Project Team!

Only the Best in the Project Team!

19 July 2022

The best project can only be created by the best personnel, and this is confirmed by the fact that Maxim Gusev, the Head of Project Management and a member of the Board of Directors of the string technology developer, has recently received a certificate from the International Project Management Institute. Just over 1,000 people in the world have such a document. A detailed interview with Maxim has been published on the official website of the company, while we – as always – present its abbreviated retelling.

The Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) is a certificate from the American Project Management Institute (PMI – Project Management Institute), the world's leading non-profit organization in this field, which certifies professionals working in the sphere. PMI certificates are valued all over the world and are considered a kind of hallmark of a top-level professional. Maxim's certificate is called PfMP - Portfolio Management Professional, and today it is the rarest and highest level of certification for a specialist in this field, and in Belarus only he has such a certificate. Moreover, at the age of 31 Maxim is the youngest holder of a PfMP certificate in the world.

For reference: to obtain such a certificate, you need at least 8 years of practical experience in project management, of which 4 years in portfolio management.

For those who wish to repeat the path of the protagonist of the publication, we will inform you that the exam has consisted of 180 questions in English limited to 240 minutes. At the same time, all questions have been taken from real cases faced by companies. For example, it has been necessary to determine the manager's actions in case of crisis situations, correctly allocate the budget, manage changes and risks. The most important thing for obtaining such a certificate is personal experience in portfolio management. The more practice the better. A portfolio can also include sub-portfolios, programs, projects, and operations, so you need to have a good knowledge of the methodology for managing a portfolio, program, project, and much more.

What does this mean for string transport?

One of the standards for managing infrastructure projects says: “So large and complex projects require professional project management, taking into account unforeseen circumstances ...” In other words, in string transport, project and portfolio management is now guaranteed at the highest level, taking into account global trends and tools, after all, when a company employee has the highest possible status in management from an independent international organization, this significantly increases the trust of customers.

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