Anatoly Yunitskiy on Current Construction Stage at EcoTechnoPark

Anatoly Yunitskiy on Current Construction Stage at EcoTechnoPark

13 Junе 2016 5464

Increasingly less time is left before commissioning of the first stage of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. However, “we have a lot more work ahead of us to do than it has been done so far”, therefore works at the construction site keep going both at night and at the weekend. They are carried out under direct supervision of the founding father of breakthrough SkyWay technology, Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Together with Anatoly Yunitskiy, our film crew worked for you last weekend, feeling the increasing desire of our project partners to follow the progression of events in EcoTechnoPark – the center of innovative developments, demonstration, certification, testing, production, improvement of SkyWay transport technology and creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes SkyWay.     

From the video report, prepared for you, you will learn about carrying out earthwork operations for intermediate supports of the lightweight transport line and further concrete bedding of foundation pits. Construction of the high-speed and urban lines is in full swing, as well. There has been finished form setting for walls of the second anchor support. On the day of our visiting SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, we witnessed carrying out concrete works up to the level of 2,100 mm.         

The works are commented by the General designer of SkyWay, personally supervising all the works on site.    

We wish you pleasant viewing!

Mikhail Kirichenko