We are often asked − why Belarus?

We are often asked − why Belarus?

10 November 2015 4172

An important event for the life of Belarus took place last month − presidential elections. Already in his election program A. Lukashenko stated:

− "We set for ourselves three strategic objectives: employment, export, investments. Employment is the stability of society and the welfare of people, the opportunity for everyone to earn a dignified life by working. Export is economic stability, a strong rouble, low inflation, a balanced budget. Investments imply development of the country, new technologies and new quality of life for every Belarusian".

 Further, at that time a presidential candidate talked about the key principles on which his economic program will be based within the next five years. Among them:

− New approaches to economic modernization. Participation of leading international companies in the Republic of Belarus was called as a specific measure for implementation of projects with high added value.

− Gaining investments: "In the twenty-first century, the engine of any economy is knowledge and energy of a person. Therefore, we shall count on the intellect, energy and entrepreneurship of our people. We will further promote the development of initiatives".

A. Lukashenko elaborated on how the support of business will be fostered: "We shall eliminate everything that hinders its development. Success of private business is the welfare of not only entrepreneurs. This means new jobs and dignified income for Belarusians". Here, specific measures were mentioned, including: "Exclusion of any forms of unlawful intervention in the current activities of enterprises; prohibition on raising previous taxes and introduction of new taxes over five years. Any tax changes − only towards reduction and simplification; decrease of all kinds and forms of financial reporting, introduction of international financial reporting standards; provision of unconditional guarantees for private property rights; development of a comprehensive financial market, gradual liberalization of capital flows, free purchase and sale of shares of enterprises of all ownership forms.

− Openness to global peace and creation of the knowledge economy: "The world is changing before our eyes. The new high-tech sectors of economy are not only export and inflow of investments into the country. These are interesting, creative and well-paid jobs for hundreds of thousands of people, especially young people. Openness to the world and knowledge economy are the key to our competitiveness and survival in today's global civilization". Specific measures to achieve this objective will include, among other things, improvement of the system of guarantees for international investors based on the best international practice and creation of a fully-fledged venture capital industry.

Wide attention was drawn by the speech of the newly elected President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, delivered at the inauguration in Minsk on November 6. In this speech Alexander Lukashenko reaffirmed commitment to the principles outlined in the election program:

− "Our goal is to build an innovative economy, the economy of knowledge not only in words but in deeds. In the future, our country should be among the most developed States. We will do our best for Belarus to become one of the most attractive places for investments".

− "Our country is the safest and most reliable route connecting Europe and Asia. These two civilizations will inevitably begin to converge because, until now, nobody came up with the alternative to integration processes on earth".

These priorities of the state development, as defined by its newly elected head, confirm the correctness of the choice made in favor of Belarus as a site for the construction of EcoTechnoPark, the center of practical implementation of SkyWay innovations. These words make all of us confident that the innovative transport and infrastructure technology will be demonstrated and certified in the country located at the crossroads of all Eurasian routes. It will attract the interest of international technological, scientific and financial community, provide large inflow of investments, guarantee large-scale order for the industrial complex within the state, create hundreds of new jobs for highly qualified personnel and spur up the rate of engineering thought development. 

All this will bring the Republic of Belarus at an even higher economic level, ensuring a place among the most technologically developed States, and subsequently create clean, safe, comfortable and prosperous future for the people of the entire planet!


Mikhail Kirichenko