Premiere of Unicar: Expert Opinion

Premiere of Unicar: Expert Opinion

07 January 2018 2719

We go on releasing a series of video reports from the XI International exhibition “Transport of Russia” that took place from 6 to 8 December 2017 in Moscow.

Another guest to the exhibition stand of SkyWay Technologies Co.” was Valery Yesov, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor at the Department “Technology of materials processing” of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, who shared his impressions after examining SkyWay technology in an interview with the Head ofeadHead SkyWay news service.

“Certainly, SkyWay technology is very interesting. Based on the documentation and videos I have seen, it is of great interest and it has a very good and reasonable technical content. Naturally, like all the innovations it needs time to fight its way through taking into account our realities. However, I am confident the future belongs to this technology,”— said Valery Yesov.

Viacheslav Evtukh