Trade fair InnoTrans

Trade fair InnoTrans

19 September 2016 6879

On September 20, 2016 the opening of the international trade fair of transport equipment and transport systems InnoTrans will be held in Berlin. The industrial designs of SkyWay rolling stock of the fourth generation will be presented to the world there. The full name of the event is "International trade fair for transport technology ― Innovative components ― vehicles ― systems". To understand the significance of the forthcoming event we should make a small journey into the history of this major transport exhibition-trade fair in the world and tell about it in more detail.

The capital of Germany is the center of transport technologies, where 220 companies work in the field of transport equipment and technology. This is a significant reason why this exhibition became a most important forum for German and foreign manufacturers and customers of passenger and freight transport. Specialization in the rail transport technologies made InnoTrans a most prestigious international event in this sector.

The main contents of the exposition:

1. Technology of railway transport: rail rolling stock for passenger and freight transport ― units and components (drives, electrical and energy engineering, coupling gear, brakes, etc.), maintenance of rolling stock.

2. Interior design: equipment for rolling stock (fit-out work, lighting, glazing, air-conditioning, safety, etc.), catering and tourist services.

3. Rail transport infrastructure: infrastructure, track maintenance equipment (construction works, alarm and control equipment), arrangement of overhead contact network.

4. Public transport: communication and information technologies, transport management and data processing, management of fare collection, information system for passengers, stationary installations, information technologies, consulting, etc.

5. Tunnel construction: construction machinery, components and accessories, safety procedures, fit-out work, communication equipment, maintenance, consulting, etc.

The target audience of the fair are technical experts of this industry, mainly its train aspects: employees of public and private transport companies and enterprises engaged in transport systems operation; manufacturers and suppliers of transport technologies; construction companies; engineers, geologists, miners; employees of administrations/public authorities/ministries; consultants; representatives of industry associations and organizations; employees of scientific research institutions; representatives of shipping companies; members of the media, etc.

This year InnoTrans celebrates the jubilee since the first exhibition was held exactly 20 years ago. The review of the world innovations goes on, as a rule, during four exhibition days, two of which are reserved for industry professionals, and in the remaining time, the trade fair is open to all visitors. It is held in even-numbered years and always takes place in autumn, usually in September or October. The annual exhibition is impossible in connection with the grand scale of the event: just imagine the exhibition complex owned by the company "Messe Berlin GmbH" (where the "exhibition of achievements of the transport sector" is held) has access railways, on which vehicles are demonstrated!

Naturally, such conditions do not exist for the innovative SkyWay rolling stock, therefore, our company had to do a lot of work and ― in addition to industrial designs of a unibus, a unibike and a security module, ― to send to Berlin also elements of the string-rail track structure for each of them. It is noteworthy that we will exhibit in Germany not models, but the industrial samples of those vehicles that will go to the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark for travel tests on their return from Berlin.

The exposition reflecting a wide range of rail rolling stock is located in the open area with rail tracks near the exhibition pavilions. The following of them are presented here: motor-car trains, locomotives, freight trains, trams, construction rolling vehicles and rolling units for movement on railroads. A special display shows ten standard railways and demonstrates the use of rail vehicles for wide- and narrow-gauge rail tracks.

"Messe Berlin GmbH" company has extensive grounds allowing to accommodate comfortably both an exposition under the open sky, and a specialized exhibition in pavilions. The total exhibition area amounts to 200 thousand sq. m and the effective area (pavilions and open grounds) ― 103,409 sq. m.

The most important international meetings involving high-ranking politicians, leading economists and transport experts are held on the platform of exchanging experience and ideas "InnoTrans Convention". The subjects of contemporary and prospective global mobility developments are discussed at the sessions of expert groups and in the framework of public discussions. The SkyWay project participates right in this, the most interesting category at this exhibition of 2016. In the framework of the "InnoTrans Convention," all the things that are important for our progress in the future are discussed at the international level.

The main event of the "Convention" is the "Dialog Forum", the organizers of which include: VDV (Association of German transport companies), DVF (German transport forum), UNIFE (Union of European railway industry) and VDB (Association of railroad industry of Germany). This is a dialogue at the level of Heads of railways providing an opportunity to exchange experience among transport Ministers and CEOs of international companies. The main subject of the "Public Transport Forum", organized by the Bureau for transport planning (PBV), "ETC Transport Consultants GmbH" and the German scientific society for transport (DVWG), are the issues associated with the development of urban public transport. The name "International Design Forum" speaks for itself: the forum discusses the aspects of public transport related to design.

During the 20-year history of the exhibition, there is a constant increase in the number of participating organizations and visitors. With every year there are also increases in both the number and quality of the novelties presented at InnoTrans. In 1996, 172 companies were represented in Berlin (which is quite a lot), the second exhibition held in a year, was attended by 403 companies and at the 10th jubilee forum InnoTrans 2014 presented to the audience 2,761 exhibitors from 55 countries! Transport revolution is long overdue, because the transfer of physical bodies according to the laws of the universe must catch up with the speed of information distribution, and with every year an increasing number of countries claim that they have something to show at the exhibition. In particular, in 2016 new participating countries such as Armenia and Vietnam are ready to join Malta, Singapore, Estonia, and Mexico recently "debuted" at the fair.

Public interest to the Berlin trade fair is also steadily growing: 138,872 guests, including 133,595 professionals from 146 countries, attended the previous fair.

The length of railway lines demonstrating the rolling stock is also increasing: it amounted to 3,525 m at the previous exhibition held in 2014!

There is only one reason for regret in all this: if a ready string-rail track structure at InnoTrans 2016 already existed, as it is the case with conventional rail, then the whole world could now see the SkyWay rolling stock in action. However, we sincerely hope that InnoTrans 2016 will become a sort of the "zero kilometer" in the count of international presentations of the SkyWay innovative transport and infrastructure complexes, and in the near future the length of string rails will exceed by far that of railways both at this exhibition and in the world!

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