The first May photo report from EcoTechnoPark

The first May photo report from EcoTechnoPark

04 May 2016 5876

Only a week and a half have passed since the completion of the main event of this spring – SkyWay EcoFest, – but during this time much has been done in the Skyway demonstration and certification center. We publish the long-awaited photo report from EcoTechnoPark.

The contractors have completed the construction of the main part of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, combined with the terminal anchor support. At the moment, they are concreting the stiffness diaphragms and internal walls of the third level, where it is planned to arrange a green roof in the future. The next stage of building this object will be the erection of an extension for the stairs leading to its upper floors.

However, in addition to the segment "techno", we do not forget about "eco" at the beginning of the name EcoTechnoPark! "High vegetable patches" are built on its territory. Their main advantage – compared with traditional forms of planting, − is a good yield at low labor efforts and limited area. The patches are already planted with radishes, carrots, onions and cucumbers. They will be followed by tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and, possibly, some other agricultural crops. 

It should be noted that all this is a performance test of environmental solutions, proposed in the framework of the SkyWay technologies. An inquisitive mind will easily notice the commercial potential of this trend in the activities of the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark.



Mikhail Kirichenko