Work Is in Full Swing under a Veil of Secrecy

Work Is in Full Swing under a Veil of Secrecy

11 August 2017 4547

In the center of the practical implementation of SkyWay innovations ― EcoTechnoPark ― preparation for the final stage of the certification procedure of the first samples of rolling stock is under way. The final certification is scheduled to begin in the near future. The main work is done on 1-km long section of truss string-rail track structure and the cargo track. In parallel, rolling stock itself is being prepared. Test runs of the cargo unitruck continue. On-site the pilot production facility they do final adjustment of components and assemblies on unibike, a 14-passenger monorail and a 48-passenger double-rail unibus. They also go on with assembling an 18-passenger unicar, which is planned for the first display at the exhibition “Transport and logistics-2017”.

We publish some photos, where the camera and point of shooting are intentionally selected so that none of the numerous opponents and competitors could see anything “extra”.

SkyWay is on the verge of a responsible moment and this autumn promises to be fruitful. Meanwhile, the work is in full swing, but its details are covered with a veil of commercial secrecy until the proper time comes.

Evgeny Petrov