Strength Will Be With SkyWay

Strength Will Be With SkyWay

26 October 2016 5618

The strongest man in Slovakia – Adrian Kormoczi, Vice-world champion in natural bodybuilding in 2015 has visited the SkyWay Project design Company. Anatoly Yunitskiy met the guest personally, described the progress of work at the current stage, showed the premises in which SkyWay creating engineers work and introduced Adrian to some of the employees.

Being a professional athlete and a trainer in natural bodybuilding, Adrian Kormoczi became seriously interested in the concept of combining an urban personal vehicle and a fitness machine embodied in the unibike created by the professionals of the Project design Company. According to him, he “came to Minsk specially to learn more about the possibilities of the new vehicle.” For this purpose, he has even taken a break in the preparation for the world championship in natural bodybuilding to be held on November 25 in Dinant (Belgium).

"I am not only a coach as I have also created a whole bunch of programs. I try to look for the future; hence, I have become interested in the project. It is simply amazing if for keeping in shape people will not have to go to the gym, which requires spending a lot of time on the road. It will be possible to train right in the vehicle, working on all muscle groups, unlike an exercise bike. I am ready to develop a workout methodology and your engineers could come up with a way in which muscular strength can be used to move unibikes. This is what we talked about with Anatoly Yunitskiy".

Nina, Adrian’s bride and like-minded person, has arrived in the capital of Belarus with the bodybuilder. She also expressed her admiration of what she has seen and heard in the office of the SkyWay Project design Company. The pair announced their intention to contribute to the development of the project and promote it on sports, public and fashion events in which they participate.

Evgeny Petrov