SkyWay ― the scale is growing and setting trends

SkyWay ― the scale is growing and setting trends

08 November 2016 9741

“SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is almost completed” ― this is the way the news Agency REGRUSNEWS characterized the present construction stage of the SkyWay demonstration center last week. Although the journalist’s appraisal is somewhat exaggerated, it speaks volumes. The completion of EcoTechnoPark construction is the moment that many people hope for and expect. A small review article posted on the Agency’s website reads that the string transport“ can change the image of the whole transport on Earth in the future [...] SkyWay is so universally applicable that it can be used not only for connecting separate cities and countries, but entire continents, as its rails can be positioned even over the ocean”!

Meanwhile, “the Japanese have been observing this development for long time,” informs another news Agency of regional significance RusRegionInform. To confirm it, the Agency writes about the fact that the Ambassador of Japan in Belarus Hiroki Tokunaga visited the SkyWay display stand at the exhibition Energy Expo 2016 held in Minsk in September. As the SkyWay information service reported previously, during this visit the Ambassador invited Anatoly Yunitskiy to participate in the Moscow business forum to be held in Moscow in the beginning of the next year with the purpose to become a platform for the development of business relations between the CIS countries and Japan.

The scale of the published news about SkyWay has been steadily increasing alongside with the growing “degree” of these reports. The technology is more often considered as a serious player in the market of transport innovations and, in some cases, not even being the main subject of consideration, it does not remain aloof.

Gradually it becomes appropriate to mention SkyWay everywhere when it comes to automated control systems, increasing speeds of transporting passengers and cargo or the creation of environmentally friendly mode of transport. The latest trend of the sort are the engines on hydrogen fuel that are already being applied in passenger cars, buses, and soon will be tested on the railway transport. The article about the planned launch of trains on hydrogen fuel published on the website of the news Agency Dni24 ends symptomatically: “the problem of creating clean modes of transport ― reads the article, ― is facing many engineers from all over the world including the Russian experts from the SkyWay Company”.


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Evgeny Petrov