SkyWay Strings Have Reached Berlin

SkyWay Strings Have Reached Berlin

21 September 2016 4045

It is under this headline that an article about SkyWay participation in InnoTrans 2016 was published in the specialized journal of the Russian Railways “RZD-Partner”.    

“At the InnoTrans 2016 trade fair in Berlin, SkyWay Technologies Co. demonstrated the created industrial samples of the innovative rolling stock under the SkyWay brand for the first time, – writes “RZD-Partner”. – The prototypes of the urban and recreational rolling stock (unibus and unibike, correspondingly) were presented to the wide public at the InnoTrans 2016. The prototypes are equipped with the automated control system and move on steel wheels along the string rails located on supports at the height of several meters above the ground surface. The system configuration of this type allows to significantly, i.e. by ten times, unclog highways if compared to other transport systems of the “second level”, to reduce the capital and operating expenses, to decrease the land acquisition area when laying the track, as well as to ensure an unprecedentedly high safety level for passenger transportation.”        

You can read the full text of the article at the journal website (you can read the translation of this article here). 

Note: Journal “RZD-Partner” is a business journal of the Russian Railways, it has been published since 1998. As the official website of the journal implies, its priority is cargo railway transportation, “however, we try to cover a wide range of problems related to the operation of transport sphere in Russia, the CIS and the Baltics. Our mission is to meet the information needs of users of transport services. On the pages of the journal we discuss the problems, which are the most relevant and essential for the performance of the market for transport services, and help the participants of this market to keep up with various events and trends.”            

Ulyana Orlova