SkyWay string rail: next stage of research

SkyWay string rail: next stage of research

27 May 2016 4352

The Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) has completed preparation for the next stage of testing the concrete mixes developed in the physico-chemical laboratory of SkyWay Technologies Co. The prepared mix was poured in special forms and placed in the chamber of normal hardening with optimal conditions for concrete hardening: 95% air humidity, 27 C° temperature. At the next phase of testing, after complete setting, the samples will be destroyed with the purpose of verifying the compressive strength, elasticity modulus and autostressing value.

The complex of researches in this direction is carried out on the basis of BNTU scientific research and test laboratory for concretes and construction materials, where all necessary machinery and qualified specialists are available.

We′d like to remind that the developed concrete mixes will be used as the filler for SkyWay string rails. Such constructive solution allows to increase significantly the strength and stability of the structure, reduces the level of noise pollution during the vehicle movement along the rails and solves the problem of metal corrosion.

Ulyana Orlova