SkyWay − real alternative to cars

04 April 2016 3748

An article about the SkyWay transport project appeared on the website of the online news media "Europe today". This online news media outlet writes only about the most relevant and interesting subjects of our time. Read about the main advantages of the SkyWay transport in the article "Yunitskiy SkyWay transport – real alternative to cars" on the media website (in Russian).

"Yunitskiy SkyWay transport is an ambitious and promising project. When Anatoly Yunitskiy was beginning to work on it, there were no current technologies yet and for many people the idea seemed fantastic, but the technical progress has stepped far forward and the implementation of the scientist′s ideas is just around the corner! Soon we shall see prototypes of the SkyWay transport that will be demonstrated at the test site, specially being built for these purposes in the Minsk region. We hope to hear good news from the tests!"

Ulyana Orlova