News from SkyWay Production Facility

News from SkyWay Production Facility

26 January 2018 3720

Preparations of the unibike to attend one of the scheduled exhibitions is under way at the workshops of the pilot production facility.

Work goes on to calibrate the main systems of unitruck, unicar and double-rail unibus, to do debugging of algorithms for movement and control of vehicles. After the successful completion of required acceptance tests at the workshops of the pilot factory, all these commercial samples of SkyWay rolling stock will be shipped to EcoTechnoPark for performance trials.

Restoration of the damaged 14-passenger unibus is at the final stage. The driver of the tractor who suffered in the accident at EcoTechnoPark checked out from the hospital in early January this year.

They go on assembling the traction station for SkyWay freight complex; a separate group of experts continue to improve the design of the motor-wheel.

Work is also continuing over other pieces of rolling stock and test-bench equipment, for which information has not been disclosed yet.

Viacheslav Evtukh