SkyWay Proceeds to Final Stage of Certification

SkyWay Proceeds to Final Stage of Certification

06 December 2016 20651

In early December 2016, Skyway Technologies Co. and the Scientific Technical Center (NTC) under the Research Institute Gorelektrotransport have signed a cooperation agreement in the framework of the certification process.

NTC General Director, technical Director and science Director visited the office of the project design enterprise of Skyway Technologies Co., where they signed an agreement to organize and carry out acceptance testing and voluntary certification of SkyWay rolling stock.

The Scientific Technical Center under the Research Institute Gorelektrotransport is the only entity on the territory of Russia and the entire Сustoms Union of the Eurasian Economic Union accredited to proceed with works on certification of rolling stock for urban electric transport. The main objectives of NTC are to carry out works on certification of companies in the sector, methodological support of processes to create and update normative documents, analyze and produce methods and procedures for technical inspections of urban surface electric transport, arrange and test new types of rolling stock, which includes all varieties of SkyWay vehicles.

In fact, SkyWay opens a new transport trend submitting for certification a unique transport system, unimplemented anywhere in the world. As a precedent of certifying such transport systems did not exist, it was necessary to determine what conventional mode of transport is the closest to SkyWay rolling stock. As a result of technical examination, the experts came to the conclusion that SkyWay rolling stock is the closest to the modern tram ― a lightweight rail vehicle. Therefore, the specification for SkyWay certification will be developed based on the future technical regulations of the EEU Customs Union under the title "On safety of lightweight rail transport". The document is at the “design stage” now. In the future there is a possibility to develop the technical regulations and to add to it SkyWay rolling transport as one of the types of lightweight rail vehicles. Technical regulations is a document, which is approved of by the Council of Ministers and has the status of a law.

In the course of certification procedures for SkyWay rolling stock there will be conducted climatic tests, defined the level of external and internal noise, tested traction, dynamic and braking features, electric and fire safety, smoothness of movement, structural safety, control system, strength of the body in static and dynamic modes and much more.

On completing the tests, a certificate of compliance will be issued to Skyway Technologies Co. The completion of the whole complex of works to prepare documentation and testing is scheduled for spring 2017.


Ulyana Orlova