Personnel Strategy: a Meeting of SkyWay Employees with Students of the International University "MITSO"

Personnel Strategy: a Meeting of SkyWay Employees with Students of the International University "MITSO"

28 February 2018 3125

The team of SkyWay Technologies Co. has nearly doubled over the past year. With this rate of growth, it is logical to think about training future staff beforehand. To do this, in accordance with the personnel strategy, the Company holds periodical meetings with students ― the most promising personnel reserve. At these meetings, representatives of SkyWay Technologies Co. introduce SkyWay transport technology to potential employees and explain what it’s like to work in the innovative Company.

This time the audience were the students studying logistics and economics; the experts were Svetlana Voloshina, leading analyst of the targeted projects Department, Yevgeny Levchuk, Chief of material & technical supply Department and Galina Shutova, senior economist of capital construction management.

Representatives of the Company held a presentation and discussed with future specialists the specifics of working with non-trivial tasks that constantly accompany the process of implementing innovative technologies.

Tatiana Kapanik, Deputy General Director on personnel at SkyWay Technologies Co.:

“In the selection of personnel for SkyWay Technologies Co. we give preference to qualified applicants with significant experience in the required area, as this is the key to the success of the enterprise. However, the search for promising young professionals is no less important. We involve them to industrial practice and on-the-job training. There are even people in our team, who are completing their higher education at the moment and have not yet received a diploma ― the personal potential of a person is important for us in the first place. If we see that a candidate has no experience, but can fit well into the team, bring something to the development of the Company, show good results and develop further, then we, certainly, accept such people.”

Reference: The International University “MITSO” is a Belarusian University, which enrolls more than 7,000 students of managing, economic and legal profile. The University employs 28 Doctors of science, professors, 144 candidates of science and associate professors.

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