SkyWay on air of State TV channel "Belarus 1"

SkyWay on air of State TV channel "Belarus 1"

21 July 2016 5893

On July 20 the main State TV channel of the Republic of Belarus released an item about the SkyWay transport. A reporter from the TV news Agency Kristina Strakh visited the office of SkyWay Technologies Co., the experimental production facility "Unibus" and EcoTechnoPark construction site.

"Construction of the new transport system is nearing completion in Mariyna Gorka. This is a high-speed wheeled transport that runs on elevated rails. It is a demonstration project, which is located on the terroritory of the former tank range that looks now more like a park. The developers see the routes of the future just this way."

You can also see the roads of the future – in the report from the State TV channel Belarus 1. Pleasant viewing!


Belarus 1 is the main State TV channel in the Republic of Belarus. The channel is a part of the National State broadcasting company (BTRC) of Belarus. It broadcasts in Belarusian and Russian (partially passed onto the Russian language on October 8, 2003).

The program "Panorama" is the brand of the Belarusian TV. According to the information on the official BTRC website, "Panorama" is not just an overview of the country′s main news, "it is reports from places of events, news marked as "breaking", urgent and acute reports, expert opinions, exclusive interviews".

Ulyana Orlova