SkyWay creates offices in India and Indonesia

SkyWay creates offices in India and Indonesia

02 August 2017 10294

Victor Baburin, Deputy General Director for development of SkyWay Technologies Co., gave an exclusive comment to the news Agency

The plans for the creation of SkyWay transport systems of the future are now oriented to the East: two recent major exhibitions, in which our Company participated (in April – RailwayTech 2017 in Jakarta, in May – Smart Cities in Delhi) revealed the demand for transport innovations on the part of many countries in the Asian region.

No wonder the project developers of new types of transport from around the world (Tesla, Hyperloop, Metrino, skyTran) are seeking ways to come, in particular, to India: they understand the prospects of practically bottomless market for passenger and freight transportation in this country.

SkyWay in this sense is no exception. However, unlike the creators of the above mentioned technologies, we offer our solutions for several problematic areas of the region all at once: in fact, we are talking about specialized freight corridors for ports, airports, industrial zones, major agricultural markets, etc.

Their implementation will allow to relieve the public roads from vehicles, to provide low-cost all-weather transport services for rural areas, where more than 30% of the residents of villages become isolated during the rainy season. We also offer solutions of the “last mile”. In other words, for those cases, when the passengers arriving to a major rail transportation hub, are forced to stand in hours-long traffic jam of buses and cars trying to get home.

Now we are opening offices in India and Indonesia. Accordingly, they will appear in Delhi and in one of the centers of Indian automotive industry and informational technologies ― in the city of Pune, as well as in Jakarta. At the moment, we are building long-term partnerships with local construction companies, EPC-companies, manufacturers, certification agencies, relevant ministries and financial circles.

The source ― news Agency (in Russian)

Victor Baburin