Continuation of the Dialogue SkyWay ― Novosibirsk   

Continuation of the Dialogue SkyWay ― Novosibirsk  

18 August 2017 5944

SkyWay Project Designing Bureau and production facilities were visited by the associate Professor of the “Electrotechnical systems” Department at Novosibirsk State Technical University, chief designer of the Design Bureau “Electrotechnical complexes and transport systems” Mikhail Nikulin. The reputable expert in the field of developing electric transport also examined SkyWay EcoTechnoPark with interest.

Mr. Nikulin expressed his satisfaction with the process to implement Anatoly Yunitskiy’s ideas and made a number of specific proposals on cooperation between the enterprises in the region he represented and SkyWay Technologies Co. in technical, technological and organizational aspects. In a personal conversation with the accompanying representatives from the news service, he also admitted that prior to the current visit he had some doubts in relation to SkyWay caused by publications in the Internet. Examination of the project “live” has dispelled all doubts.

SkyWay has long-standing and strong contacts with this Siberian region, where the interest to Yunitskiy’s SkyWay transport has been manifested at the highest level. Moreover, the Siberians themselves are committed to independent solution of current problems more actively than many other regions. This year the city mayor Anatoly Lokot has instructed the relevant Agencies to finalize the creation of the municipal program “Smart city” within twelve months. It happened at the annual International forum “TechnoProm”, which brought together thousands of experts from around the world.

Earlier, Novosibirsk also hosted the innovation forum “Urban technologies 2017”. One of the outcomes was a statement by the Head of the Department of industry and innovations of Novosibirsk municipality Alexander Lyulko that “It is already perfectly clear that we will introduce this intelligent system of traffic.” It also seems promising that the local authorities treat the issue of innovations consistently and sensible ideas are followed by distinct instructions and actions.

Mikhail Nikulin’s visit to Minsk is another step towards implementing SkyWay in Novosibirsk. The reputable expert in the field of developing passenger electric transport is directly involved in formation of transport policy in the cities of Siberia, as an Advisor to the region’s authorities on innovations in this sphere.


Mikhail Kirichenko