SkyWay on Website of the Largest Project on World Architectural Visualization

SkyWay on Website of the Largest Project on World Architectural Visualization

22 Junе 2016 8201

We would like to bring to your attention a substantial and interesting interview of SkyWay creators and developers, published on the largest information and educational resource “DA!Fest”. “DA!Fest” specializes in comprehensive coverage of Russian and world branch of architectural animation and visualization.   

Attention of such a recognized resource to innovative SkyWay string project is partly attributed to the successful development of intercontinental partnership relations between SkyWay and Australia. The sheer fact that Mr. Rod Hook, ex-transport chief of South Australia and a head of numerous infrastructure projects successfully implemented on the continent, took interest in SkyWay string technology, speaks for itself.     

“By now, SkyWay technologies have already passed to the stage of field tests. The creators have no doubts as to successfulness of achieved results. Thus, unprecedented opportunities to improve their transport infrastructure are already today open before the governments of most progressive countries that rely on socially responsible economy. Such global changes will inevitably affect related spheres, such as civil engineering. Developers will get fantastic opportunities to construct objects of residential and commercial architecture on territories, which were absolutely inaccessible in the past. The architectural look of buildings will change drastically.”               

To learn more about the changes that will happen to our cities in the coming decades thanks to SkyWay string technologies, read the publication on this site (in Russian). The translation of the article is presented here.

For reference:

DA!Fest is the largest Russian-language project devoted to the present and the future of architectural visualization, as well as to the questions of using modern technologies and equipment in the area of architecture objects presentation.   

Ulyana Orlova