Historic moment: video from MoU signing

Historic moment: video from MoU signing

11 May 2017 10344

Exclusive footage capturing the moment of signing the Memorandum of understanding between the representatives of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and SkyWay.

The event was held in the framework of the parties’ cooperation with the purpose of building a transport system by SkyWay technology in the city of Dharmshala. According to the Minister for urban development of the state Sudhir Sharma, the first phase of the facility would be commissioned in the next three years. The Minister added Dharmshala would be a pioneer in introducing the innovative technology and the first city in the state, where the fare on the new line will be very affordable. To implement the project, the 15-km route in Dharmshala will be performed in two phases: at the first one, an 8 km-long elevated track of overpass type will be built, at the second stage the rest of the line will be completed.

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Mikhail Kirichenko