Restart of Dream. The Mayor of Chisinau Welcomes SkyWay Initiative

Restart of Dream. The Mayor of Chisinau Welcomes SkyWay Initiative

07 February 2017 9106

The first ever meeting of the Chisinau municipality with SkyWay representatives was held in Moldova. The Mayor Dorin Chirtoacă became interested in the project, which would be able to revive the plans to reduce congestion in the city and make true the dreams of modern transport. City officials see great prospects for SkyWay transport in Chisinau and its suburbs. According to the results of the meeting, SkyWay Technologies Co. received a letter of intent (MOU) from the Mayor’s office.

The meeting was attended by the regional SkyWay representative Alexander Mazov, Head of the City Transport Department Igor Gamretsky, Chief Advisor to the Mayor Yury Cuculescu, Mayor Dorin Chirtoacă. In addition to the new transport system, the SkyWay project will bring the orders to the plant, which will help to implement the targeted project for Moldova.

SkyWay is a system, in which the traffic of passengers and goods is performed along a special lightweight overpass. It is versatile, economical, efficient and friendly to the environment. It has four main line versions: intercity high-speed (up to 500 km/h), urban passenger (up to 150 km/h), cargo and light touring ones. In EcoTechnoPark in Belarus one can see all of the features of SkyWay. After the Berlin trade fair InnoTrans 2016 the interest in SkyWay transport sparked among the representatives of India, the Philippines and other countries. In Australia the National Rail Safety Regulator is planning the examination and certification of SkyWay.

The traffic capacity of the public transport of Chisinau had to increase due to the construction of light tram railway, however, in fact, it was deteriorated sharply because of shuttle vans that drove out the share of buses. Share of traffic currently is as follows: trolley-bus – 57%, bus – 8% (recommended share is from 39% to 43%), shuttle vans – 35%. For comparison, the carrying capacity of a shuttle van is 6-7 times less than that of a bus and 10 times less than that of a coupled Express bus.

Some time ago the Chisinau Mayor’s office planned a project for developing off-street transport: a speedy tram plus a network of cableways (part of it was built in Soviet times, but it does not work since 1990s). Today SkyWay string transport can save that dream providing to the city not only passenger routes, but also suburban transport lines.

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