Federal Premiere: Unicar Reached “Transport of Russia-2017”

Federal Premiere: Unicar Reached “Transport of Russia-2017”

06 December 2017 7461

The exhibition “Transport of Russia” displays a three-section unicar designed by SkyWay Technologies Co. This is a logical step forward, last year (in Russian) the Company exposed at the exhibition only models, and now one of new products, a commercial sample of unicar, can be seen in Moscow. It is noteworthy that the stand of the innovative SkyWay transport is located opposite the stand of the transportation monopolist OJSC “RZD” (“Russian Railways”).

It is just the small area between stands of OJSC “RZD” and SkyWay Technologies Co. that has become the most agitated place on the first day, sort of a door between transport generations. The distinguished guests who personally saw unicar and SkyWay delegation included Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov. Follow the news, this has already been reported about in Belarus (in Russian).

Dmitri Medvedev greets SkyWay

Evgeny Petrov