SkyWay in magazine “Quality Mark”

SkyWay in magazine “Quality Mark”

02 February 2017 5905

The Belarusian industry-oriented magazine “Quality Mark” (Rus. “Znak kachestva”) in its December issue published an article on Yunitskiy’s string transport. The author has described in detail the history of SkyWay technology creation, reviewed technical aspects of this innovative transport system, and also assessed the current stage of technology development and prospects for its implementation.

“To date, the experts working on the project of the innovative string transport have accomplished a tremendous work having no analogues anywhere in the world, if we take into account they are on the venture capital stage to develop this branch-creating transport and infrastructure technology without any Governmental support,” writes the author.

The magazine “Quality Mark” is an informational platform covering significant events in the life of the industrial sector of the Republic of Belarus. Its pages contain the search for fresh ideas, advanced developments and strategies having the potential to provide long-term development of the industrial complex. The interest to the SkyWay transport technology is a direct proof to it, because the development of innovative potential of the country in modern market realities is the first in the list of National priorities.




The article is available for reading here (in Russian).

The full version of the magazine is here (in Russian).

Viacheslav Evtukh