SkyWay is at height again

SkyWay is at height again

19 September 2016 4939

SkyWay goes on inspiring people to do fine and brave things. For example, quite recently you learned about the courageous Guzel Magasumova that hoisted the SkyWay flag on top of the Mount Elbrus.

Now on September 18, 2016 our investor Robertas Katilius made a new desperate move ― he jumped with a parachute spreading out the SkyWay flag in-flight at the height of 2,800 meters.

Robertas is a parachutist with the experience: this parachute jump was 1,009-th in his sports career. Robertas took the decision to make a SkyWay-jump immediately after visiting the EcoFest in EcoTechnoPark.

"We are given the chance to become shareholders in the grandiose project. I wanted to do something that not everyone can do. By this jump I want to say to the world that the SkyWay is the best, the most ambitious project in the world, and that the SkyWay will be not only on Earth but also in the sky."

According to Robertas, in SkyWay he is attracted by its novelty, eco-friendliness, unlimited possibilities of the project, and, most importantly, ― by the fact that this transport will really save the planet.

We offer you the video of the SkyWay-jump and the stunning photos of this event. 


Ulyana Orlova