Skyway Technologies will take part in Golden Village Program

Skyway Technologies will take part in Golden Village Program

26 October 2017 4066

Golden Village Program is under National Committee Economic & Industry. This is President Jokowi Program to build Indonesia by building the village. The target of this program is 2000 villages in Indonesia. Skyway Technologies Indonesia signed the MoU at Dasun Village, Rembang – one of the Golden Villages. The company will support the connectivity program of Government of Indonesia. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia is the only one partner for transportation-infrastructure technologies in this program.

Previously, Skyway already signed a memorandum of understanding, with the University of Indonesia, which plans to build a transport infrastructure on campus.

SkyWay Technologies Indonesia is a fully subsidiary company of Global Transport Investments, Inc., which having main activities as a legal entity to prepare the implementation of SkyWay Technologies in Indonesia. It is a sister company of SkyWay Technologies, Co, an engineering company from Republic of Belarus which produce the vast transport solution for urban, cargo, high-speed transport, port-to-port, inter-villages, and inter-islands. The company`s mission is to provide the best transport solution for Indonesia connectivity that will radically reduce energy and transportation costs, time, requiring to reconsider conventional transportation of people and cargo, to raise affordability of transport and reduce net cost of goods and services, time, requiring completely different comfort of travel and completely different speeds.

SkyWay is an elevated transport system, in which the traffic of vehicles is arranged by means of suspended, pre-stressed by tensioning continuous string rails stretched between supports. A string rail is characterized by high strength, rigidity, evenness, ease of manufacturing and mounting, low material consumption and a wide operating temperature range. Special electric vehicles on steel wheels are used as transportation means in SkyWay communication systems.

During this MoU signed, SkyWay Technologies Indonesia representatives visited 4 nominated golden villages:

  • Dasun Village, famous for its river tourism, heritage tourism, processed fisheries product.
  • Karasgede Village, famous for its agriculture and bioenergy.
  • Sumber Rejo Village, famous for its sapodilla, teakwood, and sugarcane production)
  • Karimunjawa Islands, famous for its tourism, fisheries and dewandaru wood)

SkyWay Technologies Indonesia also started to have the preliminary meeting with PT. Bukaka Teknika Utama, its EPC Partner to prepare and implement the SkyWay track.


Evgeny Petrov