University of Indonesia to Obtain 'Sky Train' University of Indonesia to Obtain 'Sky Train'

27 October 2017 3992

The development plan was initiated by signing an MoU between UI and PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia. It took place at the University of Indonesia campus in Depok city, West Java.

In his speech, the Rector of the University of Indonesia Muhammad Anis claimed to be a partner of SkyWay Technologies Indonesia in implementing the SkyWay development plan as a means of transportation within the University of Indonesia.

"We are glad and believe to be a partner of SkyWay Indonesia, because this is a new technology that Indonesia needs as a transportation solution," said Mr. Anis in his speech at the event of MoU signing between the University of Indonesia and PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia.

SkyWay IndonesiaAccording to Mr. Anis, the University of Indonesia site hosts one third of the urban forest that will be kept undamaged and beautiful. Reduced carbon emissions at the campus environment is necessary to keep it green and minimize the use of fossil fuels. SkyWay has a technology that aligns with UI's vision of green transportation, without using fossil fuels, its development without cutting trees and using renewable energy generation.

"We have one-third of the urban forest, we will use this transportation to connect the buildings (in UI), so a lot of people will make use of it," he said. After the signing by both parties, a working group will be formed to discuss technically the plan on what will be done ahead regarding the construction of this Sky train. "The working group is to see what kind of planning will be done, we hope the master plan form is completed by the end of this year," he added.

Mr. Anis explained SkyWay elevated train construction is to reduce the number of vehicles that enter the campus site. Previously UI planned to build a monorail but it was considered inefficient because of high costs. "This (SkyWay) infrastructure uses steel bridges with supporting piles so that the cost is relatively more affordable," said Mr. Anis.

The planning process, he added, will be done carefully, because this technology will be more sustainable in the long term. Our cooperation does not stop on this project, UI will also have a further relationship with SkyWay Technologies as a partner of innovation in environmentally friendly transportation technology.

"We will continue to support this technology, and hope UI and SkyWay will be able to cooperate further to provide transportation solutions for this nation," said Hamid Chalid, Vice Rector for Cooperation and International Affairs.

To assist students’ mobility, UI currently provides yellow buses that deliver students from one faculty to others. With the construction of the new trains, the buses will still be in operation, but a solution will be found not to use fossil fuels for them, for example, by using electric buses or alternative transportation technology that prioritizes the principle of environmental friendliness.

In his turn, the country’s Director of PT. SkyWay Technologies Indonesia Madinatul Fadhilah congratulated the University of Indonesia for being the first campus in Indonesia and the third campus in the world to become a research and development partner of SkyWay Technologies. "The University of Indonesia was chosen to be the third campus in the world to be our global partner," said Madinatul.

Fadhilah Madinatul added that after the signing of the MoU, concrete steps will soon be taken, such as conducting a competition for the design of SkyWay station at UI campus in accordance with the Indonesian philosophy and values​​. "The participants can be students and the general public. Later we will choose the best design to become the design of SkyWay station in UI. This is the first step; we invite people to be more concerned with public transportation to be used from
society, by society, and for society."

As Madinatul also revealed, it is not only to be a connection between UI faculties and the campus, SkyWay will also be able to open wider prospects for infrastructure development in Indonesia. Moreover, according to him, the geographical condition of Indonesia presents its own difficulties in dealing with narcotics traffic.

"As the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia needs a transportation solution that not only delivers people and logistics, but is capable of delivering communications (with optic fibre in its steel rails), supply of water, gas and some vital materials that can be delivered with SkyWay steel rails," Madinatul said.

To build a traffic network in Indonesia, Madinatul continued, an integrated transportation technology is basically needed. SkyWay will invite all people who are engaged in infrastructure and transportation to jointly provide the best solution for this nation. Currently SkyWay has already a List of Top 10 Projects in Indonesia.

According to Madinatul, out of the dozens of those interested in the implementation of this cooperation, SkyWay is currently working out 10 priority avant-projects seen more urgent, important and in terms of stakeholder willingness are fully-supported, because the technology is really acceptable for investing.

"Although the mandate received by Madinatul is valid not only for Indonesia, but also for developments in Malaysia and Brunei, I affirm, as a nation's child, that I want Indonesia to be the pioneer in the application of this breakthrough technology. This transportation technology has made a long journey as regards its innovation. At the moment all the certifications for transport safety are over, there is no doubt in its application".

"We are also supported by more than 300,000 investors worldwide and even 1,200 in Indonesia. SkyWay is the most eagerly awaited technology for its implementation, it is time for SkyWay to be part of transportation solution in the world." Prof. Anatoly Yunitskiy and SkyWay Technologies team have received hundreds of awards from International institutions, including UN Habitat and Golden Chariot, so this will be a solution but also a masterpiece for the country that applied it for the first time. This will be one of the nation's most outstanding achievements, so as to show to the eyes of the world that we are a leading nation in choosing the transportation technology, not a follower," Madinatul explained.

Madinatul hopes Indonesia can be courageous, leading and able to show to the world that Indonesia is capable to solve communication problems, especially through the proper implementation of transportation infrastructure.

Evgeny Petrov