SkyWay is exhibiting in Indonesia

SkyWay is exhibiting in Indonesia

30 March 2017 10089

SkyWay display stand is presented at the specialized exhibition RailwayTech 2017 in Indonesia. This major event is the most significant for the regional market of rail transport. The exhibition showcases innovations in the field of alarm systems, communications, management, financing models for infrastructure projects and many more aspects. This platform allows professionals to establish new business contacts, to discuss existing perspectives and problems of the industry, to share available experience and learn from the colleagues’ experience.

The SW exposition includes a functioning physical model scaled 1:10 and two monitors displaying a video presentation of the technology and footage of running tests with a unibike. According to Victor Baburin, SW Dty General Director for development, “our booth is very popular and attracts visitors’ attention. It is obvious this is a concept of the future. Representatives of many countries expressed interest in the technology. We discussed the possibility of their visit to Belarus and a trip to SW demonstration center”.

The news service is keeping track of the events around the exhibition. Updated information will appear on our website in the near future.


Evgeny Petrov