SkyWay in the popular edition "Story"

SkyWay in the popular edition "Story"

28 April 2016 4221

A large material about the SkyWay transport technology appeared in the May issue of a major magazine "Story". You can read in the article "Transport of the future" by Alexander Nikonov about the principles and system operation of the technology in general, about the financial advantages of the project as well as about the ways out from the economic crisis.

"Now, when not only Russia but the whole world rolls down in some world crisis hopelessness, one is tempted to ask a question: will a clear bluish color of the new era peep again through the fog of hopelessness?  I'm not going to be very cautious and will tell you right away: I know the man who has already invented that future..." <…> All the previous paths of growth has been exhausted, technologies are mastered and pushed to the limit. We need new drivers of development that can be either different energies or different transport. Do you remember, how railways or cars changed the world?... Can we see on the horizon new technologies that would give another boost to the world? Certainly. This is the string transport."

As the information on the official website of the publication reads, "Story" is "a magazine for those who can and love to read. For those who respect themselves and others. For those who consider it below their dignity to spend their own lives on the alcove secrets, strangers from the TV. For those who understand the value of time and does not want to waste it. "Story" is a magazine that is not just sincerely entertaining and tells about the world and the people, who create its image, but also educates and develops the reader. <…> Our historical and contemporary heroes are the persons of significance that defined the image of their time and generation, managed to change the course of history, be it the history of cinema, painting, literature, music, science, or the history in the broadest sense of the word. Such people arouse continued interest in public: people want to read and learn about them. Extraordinary destinies, the ups and downs, the paradoxes of success and mechanisms of love, the facts, without which modern life would have been different, the social trends that involved millions of people, – all this is revealed on the pages of "Story".

The magazine "Story" is published monthly with a circulation of 219,300 copies and has a wide geographical distribution: it is read not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Germany, France, Canada, USA, etc. Happy reading!

Ulyana Orlova