SkyWay in the foreign «FinFuture»

SkyWay in the foreign «FinFuture»

05 October 2016 5035

An American financial expert and the owner of the journals "Financial IT" and "FinFuture" Chris Principe has kept his word ― an article about the SkyWay transport by Anatoly Yunitskiy was published in the first issue of the journal "FinFuture". On visiting the SkyWay exhibition stand at the International transport trade fair InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, Chris was so inspired by the idea of creating the string transportation technology that has offered to publish an article on the SkyWay in the first edition of one of his journals FinFuture, 3,000 copies of which will be distributed at the largest banking conference in Geneva.

"In this technology I am interested in how we can change people’s lives so that it would also affect their financial position. I was interested in the fact that the SkyWay technology can become a kind of Internet in the field of transport. And we may become a financial structure that would be also applied in this "Internet". I think this is a good opportunity for people to get money, but for me it is important to see how this technology will enter the market and change people’s lives. The cost of transportation will decrease and speed will increase. As a result, each person will improve his/her financial position," ― Chris shared his thoughts in an interview with the SkyWay news service.

The full text of the article is here

Ulyana Orlova