SkyWay in the center of attention

SkyWay in the center of attention

15 March 2016 5158

Official representatives of SkyWay received an invitation to participate in the Berlin trade fair of transport technology and transport systems InnoTrans, one of the most significant events in the world of transport, which determines the main trends of development of this industry for decades to come.

InnoTrans is the world's leading platform of the exhibition and sale of transport technologies, which brings together market leaders from all over the world every two years. Transport solutions at the exhibition are presented in five categories: "railway technologies", "railway infrastructure", "public transport", "equipment for interiors and tunnel construction", "transport innovation". Innovative SkyWay transport and infrastructure systems will be presented in the last, the most prestigious category, which gave the name to the whole InnoTrans event in general. It is noteworthy that on the official website of InnoTrans, SkyWay took place literally "next door" to Hyperloop, which is increasingly spoken of as the main competitor of SkyWay string systems.

The type of transport of the twenty-first century will be decided in Berlin from 20 to 23 September 2016.

Official website of InnoTrans:

Ulyana Orlova