SkyWay in Novosibirsk

SkyWay in Novosibirsk

31 August 2016 5704

The Forum "Novosibirsk ― a city of endless possibilities" was held on August 25―26, 2016. According to the information posted on the official website of the Forum, this event gave “start to a large-scale project of the Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office aimed to create an urban environment loyal to all residents regardless of their age or state of health. The environment which is not only architectural but also mental, educational and economic.”

The forum has brought on one platform together businesspersons, managers of industrial enterprises, scientists, journalists and public figures becoming the first regional attempt to unite all those who influence the city’s future.

The objectives of the forum were:

- Formation of an accessible environment in which the city develops taking into account the individual needs of each resident in communications and mobility.

- Search for relevant solutions to emerging problems.

- Promotion of the market for development and production of high-tech rehabilitation equipment ensuring its affordability in Novosibirsk.

Among the participants there were SkyWay representatives, whose work was accompanied by the active assistance of the Federal project “Startup.TV” and its founder Alexey Meleshikhin. The rail-string technologies were presented at the event by Sergey Sibiryakov — a well-known Russian politician and economist — who delivered his report at the plenary meeting attended by the Mayor of Novosibirsk, representatives of the regional administration and private business.

An important part of the agenda was the negotiations with the General Director of OJSC “Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok” Dmitry Verhovod, during which the ideas of the first targeted projects in Novosibirsk were discussed. In particular, representatives of Academgorodok (Academic Town) proposed the idea of creating a SkyWay track between the Technopark buildings and the new campus building of the Novosibirsk National University, similar to that which is already being designed for the Australian Flinders University.

At the round table, which brought together the leaders of the city’s largest industrial enterprises, they discussed the possibilities of using production facilities of the largest Novosibirsk plants to produce the units of the string transport rolling stock, as well as prospects and scope of using the technology for the city development.

The outcome of the visit of the SkyWay delegation in Novosibirsk there became negotiations with the CEO of the Department of industry, innovations and entrepreneurship of Novosibirsk city Administration Alexander Lyulko. As a result, an agreement on further cooperation was reached: detailed engineering study of the targeted projects in Novosibirsk discussed at the forum, including the project in Academgorodok, as one of the most promising. The expression of appreciation and the key to good relations was the letter of gratitude awarded to Sergey Sibiryakov by Alexander Lyulko at the Forum closing ceremony.


- "Startup.TV" ( is the only Russian innovative educational channel of online broadcast contributing to the development of innovative companies and focused on highlighting all the most interesting and significant things in the field of innovations both in Russia and abroad.

- The Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok (Academpark) is a technopark, built in Novosibirsk Academgorodok. The main officially stated objective of the project is to promote the accelerated development of high-tech industries and turning them into one of the main driving forces for economic growth in the region. The local goal is to create at least 20 successful and innovative businesses from scratch annually.


Mikhail Kirichenko