SkyWay in Mogilev

SkyWay in Mogilev

13 April 2017 21004

The project designing organization Skyway Technologies Co. received an order for project designing an urban SkyWay transport route in the city of Mogilev. To do design and survey works, downpayment has already been transferred to SkyWay bank account. The event was preceded by the visit of Mogilev region’s senior executives to the SkyWay demonstration center, during which the officials, being a part of an International delegation, reviewed the achievements of the project organization and witnessed test runs with a unibike. As a result of this visit, cooperation between business and government has strengthened, mutual trust increased and, as a result, work in the framework of agreements reached earlier, as well as in a number of new areas has intensified.


In January 2017, the Mogilev City Executive Committee held a discussion on the problems of cultural-historical city borough. Its architectural sites are included in the UNESCO register of Europe’s most valuable buildings. In addition to government officials, historians, ecologists, representatives of public organizations and the Church, this meeting also attended partners from SkyWay Technologies Co., who presented the concept of building an urban transport line. The present event became a continuation of cooperation with Mogilev’s Administration and business. Work continues on several other areas, including Australia, India, Turkey, Indonesia and others.



Mikhail Kirichenko