SkyWay in Chelyabinsk

SkyWay in Chelyabinsk

02 December 2015 4851

More and more attention of people around the world is attracted to environmental problems. Despite numerous contradictions that exist between different countries, they all have, one way or another, to interact under programs aimed at protecting the environment. It is impossible to localize the problem or to separate from it. Environmental problems in one country automatically become a problem for all, as wildlife knows no boundaries. That is why transformations in the transport sector should play a key role in resolving environmental issues.

 This subject became one of the main at the recently held in Chelyabinsk International Forum "Climate change and industrial city ecology", where special attention was awarded to the project of the SkyWay transport and infrastructure complex. A comprehensively construed project that can be put into operation in the near future and become the real basis for fundamental changes in the urban and intercity logistics, was discussed with interest by the representatives of Russian and foreign ecological organizations, governmental and business structures. Among the main advantages of the presented project, along with environmental friendliness, its efficiency and safety were specially marked. It has been repeatedly emphasized that the total of the declared features implemented in the project technology has neither analogues, nor acceptable alternatives.

The targeted project implies the implementation of the fourth trend in the SkyWay transport technology – lightweight touring unibikes, which theoretically are to be implemented in Chelyabinsk. Such a solution is by far the most popular and quickly implemented for a number of cities with population above half a million people. The implementation of the project in a modern metropolis allows to create a new niche of leisure with a high payback. Moreover, the construction and operation of the leisure "second level" system above the ground is not burdensome to existing urban infrastructure and does not require additional land acquisition. In addition, the SkyPark is not only highly profitable business, but also demonstrates the advantages of SkyWay, transport of the "second level" in urban conditions.

The International Forum "Climate change and industrial city ecology" was covered by the local media. We present the recording of a news release, aired by Chelyabinsk online TV channel Amolini TV, as well as the article on the forum results from the TV channel's website.


Ulyana Orlova