SkyWay in Australia: first feedback, public response

SkyWay in Australia: first feedback, public response

25 May 2016 10416

The launch of a pilot SkyWay project in Adelaide (South Australia) caused a significant agitation in the local media. Several influential print and online editions issued substantial publications on the event. Television highlighted the initiative of the former Head of the Department of planning, transport and infrastructure of South Australia Rod Hook in a number of news releases. Such attention from the media is not surprising, since the introduction of SkyWay transport systems opens great prospects for the country. It is not surprising, and no less pleasant, how ordinary Australians met the undertaking.

On May 20, 2016 the editors of the popular Australian tabloid "Advertiser", which has published an article about the SkyWay start in Australia a few days ago, received a letter from a resident of Unley (South Australia) Michael Ryan. The title of the letter, under which it has been placed in the printed version of the newspaper, says much: "This opportunity should not be missed"*.

In his letter, Michael Ryan drew attention of the editors and the whole community in general to the words of the Prime Minister of South Australia Jay Weatherill that the implementation of this innovative SkyWay technology in Australia will contribute to the creation of new jobs for the population. According to Ryan, despite some doubts of the Minister of Finance of South Australia Tom Koutsantonis, saying that "it is hard to make a judgment on the viability of SkyWay as this is early stage technology", the SkyWay technology should be adopted right now. Otherwise, it could be too late once it is developed, says the author of the letter.

Michael Ryan suggests to the Prime Minister "to get on board with the advanced SkyWay technology and Rod Hook and to consider putting more options on the table than just a 500 m Flinders line in order to be in pole position". "He should be seeking talks with the SkyWay Company to demonstrate our state’s interest, its facilities and the skilled labor work force we have to seriously back this project", said Ryan in his letter. "It offers the ticking off of all Mr. Weatherill’s visions for the future: low to no carbon emissions, potentially a driverless public transport system and significant reduction of our current dependence on cars and, critically, trucks", he continues.

Ryan sees the possibility of funding the development of the SkyWay technology at the country's expense, as an option in support of the SkyWay project in Australia. In particular, he states that "public taxes are often used to attract new business. Here is an opportunity for South Australia of international significance".

In his turn, Rod Hook, former Head of the Department of transport of South Australia and the founder of the SkyWay project on the territory of his country, continues to add fuel to the fire of the public opinion. On May 19 (one day before Michael Ryan′s letter was published) on his page on the social network linkedin, he has posted an article under the provocative title "SkyWay. Is Australia ready?". The original of the publication is available at the link:

In the person of Michael Ryan, author of the letter to "Advertiser" editors, the citizens of Australia answered to Rod Hook′s question. The answer is "Yes."


Australia could receive tremendous benefits as a result of implementing SkyWay technology on its territory. Considering the fact that the vast majority of Australians are patriots of their country and treat its nature very carefully, the SkyWay project has the right to count on widespread public support. It can be followed by the support from the national Government.

In the meantime, SkyWay technology is just starting its way in Australia, causing interest and becoming a subject of discussion among the representatives of various professions and social groups, − from the unemployed to the Ministers. And this is not surprising, as transport is something that at all times helped to overcome distances and brought people together.

*The original text of Michael Ryan′s letter can be found here.

Evgeny Petrov