SkyWay Freight Route: Construction Continues

SkyWay Freight Route: Construction Continues

19 December 2016 12430

Construction work is in progress on the section of freight route at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. At the moment the company’s specialists proceed with the installation of anchor supports for the track structure. The process of their installation was preceded by a solid-cast preparation of the foundation and embedded elements.

Anchor supports of the SkyWay freight transport system are most complicated structural elements of the track structure, because they have a dual purpose: they function as a load-bearing member and can be combined with a load-carrying framework of various built structures and buildings — loading and unloading terminals, production plants, workshops, depots, premises for technological equipment.

In the long term the SkyWay freight route will have to demonstrate the process of autonomous cargo loading and transportation, as well as automated unloading on a task-specific loading/unloading terminal. The combination of engineering solutions for the SkyWay freight complex has no analogues in the world; its practical application will significantly reduce capital construction costs, minimize operational costs and further optimize the logistics of cargo delivery.

Viacheslav Evtukh