Certificates of compliance for SkyWay

Certificates of compliance for SkyWay

18 April 2017 11726

The Ministry of architecture and construction of the Republic of Belarus has issued to SkyWay Technologies Co. a certificate of compliance of the third category No. 0001906-IN authorizing to perform functions of a customer, tenant builder, provision of engineering services and technical supervision at the construction of facilities of the first to fourth complexity grades.

Our Company has also received a Supplement to certificate of compliance No. 0001861-PR of the second category obtained in September 2016 granting the right to develop certain sections of project documentation for construction facilities of the first to fourth complexity grades. Thus, it expanded the list of sections in design-budget documentation that our Company can develop independently.

Both the documents are issued for a period of five years. What does all this mean for our project’s development?

Even now SkyWay Technologies Co. can realize a complex management (to perform the functions of a customer and tenant builder) of the entire construction activity – and not only the construction and commissioning of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark in the Republic of Belarus. A very important fact is the right to carry out technical supervision of all required construction and special work performed under the project. This allows us to optimize the cost of project implementation by increasing the list of work performed by the Company itself without the need to address subcontractors.




Mikhail Kirichenko