SkyWay compared to other modes of transport

SkyWay compared to other modes of transport

16 January 2018 7393

The specialists of SkyWay Technologies Co. have prepared a presentation “SkyWay compared to other modes of transport”, which shows:

  • comparison of capital expences;
  • comparison of traffic-carrying capacity at different modes of transport;
  • motion speed of urban types of transport;
  • comparison of SkyWay with a cableway and metro;
  • comparison of unitrans and conveyor;
  • structure of operational costs;
  • comparison of energy consumption;
  • development of power industry and telecommunications due to the design of the string rail;
  • comparison of accident rates and environmental friendliness.

By its passenger traffic-carrying capacity in rush hours, SkyWay transport is capable today to surpass even the subway, not to mention light-rail metro. This feature is greatly due to the speed of transport, because the speed of all kinds of metro are about 80 kilometers per hour, and Yunitskiy’s SkyWay transport is designed for the maximum speed that is almost twice as much.

All the features are described in detail on the following slides:

Viacheslav Evtukh