Certification... certification?!

Certification... certification?!

24 August 2017 9510

As you know, the underwater part of an iceberg is not visible, however it is 90% of its size. Similarly, a large part of the work that is being done while creating the SkyWay technology remains unnoticed. EcoTechnoPark is only the tip of the ice mountain, and today we will try to peep a bit under the water.

It seems clear to everybody what the need is in science, design, engineering, manufacturing and construction. However, the tricky word “certification” is not clear to many people yet. We will try to clarify today what kind of an “animal” it is with the help of SkyWay professionals.

It was in February 2017, when the SkyWay project designing organization of Skyway technologies Co. received a positive conclusion from the State expert assessment Department on the architectural project for the construction of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, i.e. most of the required work has already been completed by the end of winter.

Innovativeness of SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes often causes confusion among officials from the transport sector ― as you know, it is one of the most conservative industries, but our highly trained professionals are able to explain the true state of affairs to any audience.

And finally, we’re analyzing the present situation with the certification of rolling stock. Here everything is utterly clear and understandable, even about the timing for completion of certification, despite the huge amount of work that our employees had to do, because the certification doesn’t cancel the technology’s development, but, on the contrary, even facilitates it.

Work in this direction moves towards its climax, which is expected in mid-September and we wish our colleagues good luck, which is ― certainly, with your support ― will be ensured to them in the very near future!


Mikhail Kirichenko