SkyWay can be built in Chelyabinsk region

SkyWay can be built in Chelyabinsk region

02 November 2016 7783

Another important step was made towards the commercial implementation of the SkyWay project. The Government of the Chelyabinsk region and our company have concluded an agreement on investment cooperation in Moscow. It was signed by the Deputy Governor of the region Ruslan Gattarov and SkyWay Deputy General Director on development Victor Baburin. The parties committed themselves to implement jointly the projects based on the SkyWay technology developed by our company, as the infrastructure transport solution:

- for urban speedy passenger traffic;

- intercity speedy passenger traffic;

- high-speed transportation of passengers;

- speedy freight transportation;

- sports-tourist transportation of passengers.

A long and hard work of a team of specialists from different countries preceded the signing of the document. Along with a series of talks, one of the decisive moments before this event was the presentation of the SkyWay rolling stock at the world forum for innovative transport technologies “InnoTrans 2016”. There the display stand exhibiting samples of the SkyWay rolling stock was attended by representatives of the authorities from several countries interested in introducing this breakthrough technology on their territories. The Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Ruslan Gattarov was among them.

Mr. Gattarov examined with great interest the exhibited commercial samples of the SkyWay transport rolling stock, its chassis parts, a security module, a pattern of the string-rail track structure and functioning models of suspended and mounted vehicles. Ruslan Gattarov’s impression was so strong that the work aimed at establishing cooperation for the implementation of investment projects on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region has been significantly intensified. An intermediate stage reached today is the signing of the agreement on investment cooperation.

Mikhail Kirichenko