SkyWay to Take Part in the Belarusian Transport Week

SkyWay to Take Part in the Belarusian Transport Week

20 September 2016 5179

The first day of InnoTrans 2016 brought a great deal of positive emotions and reviews on SkyWay project. Let us wrap up this day with one more pleasant news: the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus has officially invited SkyWay Technologies Co. to become a participant of the Belarusian Transport Week (you can read the original of the invitation here).

The event includes holding of the 10th International specialized exhibition “Transport and Logistics – 2016” and the 10th Belarusian Transport and Logistics Congress.    

The Belarusian Transport Week plays an important role in the development of transport complex and logistic system of the Republic of Belarus and the neighbouring countries. So, together with SkyWay, the enterprises from Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, France and Sweden will become participants of the exhibition and the congress.   

The mere fact of being invited by such a highly recognized and respected governmental organization testifies that the Republic of Belarus is a country-successor of string transport technologies and regards SkyWay as the project capable of attracting investments and contributing to the growth in the exports of transport and logistic services.            

Ulyana Orlova