Who Will Be the First to Launch SkyWay: Australia, India... Turkey?!

Who Will Be the First to Launch SkyWay: Australia, India... Turkey?!

16 February 2017 11271

In mid-December 2016 the Republic of Belarus ― the country where the SkyWay project organization, production facility and demonstration center ― was visited by a representative delegation from Turkey, which included officials from municipalities of Erzurum (Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Mayor, Head of Transport Department) and Çorum (two Deputies Mayor and Head of Transport Department), Chairman of the Board of RSW TR Ltd. (Rail SkyWay Turkey Ltd.) and a number of major investors. Turkish guests visited the pilot production facility of SkyWay Technologies Co. and EcoTechnoPark where Anatoly Yunitskiy held a presentation of SkyWay technology and answered the questions from the members of the delegation.

Not much time passed since then, yet this visit has already brought tangible results! The official edition of the municipality of Erzurum “Erzurum Büyükşehir Belediyesi” published an article, which, in particular, focuses on the fact that the Mayor of the city of Erzurum Mehmet Sekmen told the public about SkyWay technology. Moreover, he informed that it is planned to allocate funds for the construction of SkyWay transport already in 2017!

Currently they are proceeding with a complete upgrade of ski resorts at the World ski center Ejder3200 (Konakli / Palandöken / Erzurum). Speaking to local entrepreneurs, the Mayor said in particular, “In 2017 we are going to invest heavily in the resorts of Palandöken and Konakli. With God’s help, we will convey people from downtown to the mountain with the help of Sky Way. In addition, we will have villages-resorts here in Konaklı and Palandöken. Small boutique hotels as private homes. We want the private sector to accomplish this. Even if you can’t do it, we will implement these projects ourselves.”

So, who will be the first: Australia, India or Turkey?

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Mikhail Kirichenko