SkyWay ― Movement towards Self-Sufficiency

SkyWay ― Movement towards Self-Sufficiency

08 August 2017 6798


We have already reported in our news releases about the expansion of production areas, outfit of the special designing technological Department under SkyWay Technologies Co. with the most sophisticated equipment and employment of highly qualified personnel. All this is done to reduce reliance on contractors, the construction prime cost of SkyWay transport infrastructure complexes prior to the implementation of targeted projects, in other words, our project is becoming more and more self-sufficient.

This trend covers all spheres of our Company’s activity and another example of this was the receipt by SkyWay Technologies Co. of two certificates of conformity to the second category on the right to exercise the functions of a General project designer and to develop pre-project (pre-investment) documentation for the construction of objects of 2-4th complexity grades. In addition, we have obtained a supplement to the existing compliance certificate of the second category on project designing in the section “technological decisions”. All this qualifies our Company to perform both an independent project designing of separate sections of a project and to be the General project designer of an entire object (2-4th complexity grades) as a whole.

The receipt of these compliance certificates was required before entering project designing and construction of more complicated and large-scale objects: in particular, new types of track structures to be built in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark.

Originals of certificates signed by the First Deputy Minister of architecture and construction of the Republic of Belarus A. Kruchanov (in Russian):

Certificate for development of pre-project documentation

Certificate for performing functions of General project designer

Certificate on development of project designing documentation for construction of first to fourth complexity grades



Evgeny Petrov