Future Cities Show: the Exhibits Media Point out

Future Cities Show: the Exhibits Media Point out

10 April 2018 4836

April 11, 2018 ― the second day of the Future Cities Show in Dubai. SkyWay is among the exhibitors. What do they discuss at the forum? What else was exhibited in one of the most futuristic cities of the world?

Sustainable development, innovations and happiness are the priorities in the development of cities and technologies proclaimed by the exhibition. The focus is on urbanization and the intellectualization of the urban environment. Sayed Hashish, General Director of Microsoft for GCC countries described perfectly the main trends and philosophy of the forum speaking at the opening ceremony.

According to Mr. Hashish, “It is projected that approximately 6.5 billion people will live in cities by 2050. In addition, 60% of people will be able to have access to intelligent digital systems by 2020. On the one hand, these circumstances create very difficult problems, on the other ― they indicate the direction for development in the conditions of rapid population growth ― a comprehensive implementation of intelligent systems in the urban environment.” It is planned to spend about 1.5 trillion USD for these purposes by 2020. According to the expert, this situation gives “technologies an unprecedented chance to make a significant contribution to the development of cities and provide a better future... In this regard, сities should not only absorb and assimilate new technologies, but also become magnets for talents, startups and projects.”

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Media could not ignore the event with a visionary focus. However, so far there is less mentioning on the exhibition Future Cities Show 2018 than it was expected. What do they write about?

  1. Digital car number plates from the Roads and Transport Authority of the Emirate. Instead of the current metal plates, it is proposed to install special screens, which, moreover, if necessary (occurrence of problems or accidents on the road) will be able to exchange information with other number plates as well as to pay for parking on their own. In case a vehicle is stolen, the panel will illuminate the word “stolen”. It is reported that testing of such number plates is planned to begin in the coming months.

No doubt, the invention is useful.

  1. A flying taxi from Vimana Global ― an aerial autonomous vehicle with a vertical takeoff and landing. The declared goal of the project is to create a faster, safer and more accessible analogue of a taxi. According to the representative of the developer, it took five years to create the prototype presented at the exhibition. Test flights are scheduled to begin within the same few months.

We wrote about such projects earlier, perhaps this time it will turn out differently.

  1. SkyWay ― “A lightweight elevated transport system, which is several times less costly than traditional rail transport systems, can be a great breakthrough in the development of logistics in the UAE”. A quote from the article that you can read here.

Apart from the above, nothing has impressed the media yet, but there is another day of the exhibition ahead.

In the meantime, we invite you to watch a video filmed on the first day. Perhaps, it will help to figure out, which of the mobility novelties presented at the exhibition meets the requirements of smart cities of the future best.

Future Cities Show 2018: atmosphere of event

Viacheslav Evtukh