A Look at SkyWay 15 Years After

A Look at SkyWay 15 Years After

16 May 2017 6504

On the day of the first test run of SkyWay unibus on April 21, 2017 the territory of the demonstration center was visited by the man who played one of the most important roles in the history of string transport.

Dmitry Teryokhin is one of the first major investors who believed in the prospects of Yunitskiy’s technology. It was he who provided funding for the construction of the test site in Ozyory, where the first generation of string transport was implemented in 2001. The amount invested by Mr. Teryokhin at that time totalled $ 1.5 million. General Alexander Lebed invested 300 thousand dollars more from his Governor’s Fund.

For some reasons cooperation between Yunitskiy and Teryokhin was interrupted. Ex-partners had no contacts for 15 years. Dmitry was not interested in the fate of the technology and did not know the results that its author managed to reach during this time. Therefore, when Anatoly Yunitskiy phoned Mr. Teryokhin and invited him to visit Minsk to see the current stage of SkyWay transport development, it was a surprise to the businessman.

“The things I have seen today seemed to me like some time machine, like in a dream. The feeling is that we parted only yesterday. Then it was all mostly on paper, in project solutions, schemes and ideas. Today a significant part of it is implemented. It is very impressive.” – comments Dmitry on his visit to SkyWay demonstration center.

According to Anatoly Yunitskiy, he never forgot about the support rendered to him by Dmitry Teryokhin in the time difficult for him and for the country in which he lived. “I feel gratitude to this man […] – says the General Designer of SkyWay string transport. – However, the things we managed to do thanks to Dmitry’s help and funds, were not lost by me, because I have received knowledge and expertise that I took with me for the future work. If I did not have knowledge and expertise of the 1st generation in Ozyory, we would not have the 4th generation that we see now.”

Meeting of former partners was not only intense, but also really warm. Mr. Teryokhin was impressed by what he saw and expressed confidence that it will take little time till the moment when SkyWay string transport will be commonly used for transportation of passengers and cargo. “Now this system has new qualities. In the fields of information, transport, logistics and philosophy of life in general, – he said in the interview to SkyWay news service. – I believe in this idea and I will continue to help again with what I can.”

In his turn, Anatoly Yunitskiy announced the intention to perpetuate the contribution made by Dmitry to the development of string transport at the Walk of Fame of SkyWay investors. It will appear in EcoTechnoPark this summer.


Evgeny Petrov