Regulations for the Public Contest Related to SkyWay

Regulations for the Public Contest Related to SkyWay

19 Junе 2020 3429

All official SkyWay resources have recently published information about the contest of Final Year Students’ Projects – bachelor's, master's and PhD – related to the topic of string transport and string technologies. The purpose of the annual contest is to support young creative researchers and attract more interest to the project.

The terms of the contest are set out in the Contest Regulations that have already been prepared for publication. We remind you that in the event of any discrepancy between the terms indicated in the previous article  the terms of the Regulations offered to your attention now will be applied.

Participate and win!


Translation of the original document, written in Russian having legal power:






1.1. The following terms and definitions are used in these Regulations:

FYP – final year project (diploma work, diploma project, capstone projects, master's, PhD, doctoral dissertation, etc.), as well as other creative work performed as a research or other project, or as a personal initiative that meets FYP requirements.

Assignment – a set of conditions established by these Regulations regarding requirements to the type, subject and contents of the FYP, as well as their arrangement and execution.

Committee – an association of persons created by the Contest Organizer carrying out checks on the eligibility of individual participation in the Contest, compliance of these individuals with the requirements to Contest Participants, evaluation of FYP and summing-up of the Contest results and determination of the Contest Winner together with the General designer.

Contest – a public competition of final qualifying works made on the topic of string transport and string technologies that meets the terms and requirements stipulated by these Regulations and Chapter 56 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus dated 07.12.1998.

Evaluation criteria – a set of requirements to FYPs specified by these Regulations, in accordance with which an FYP is evaluated and the Contest Winner is determined.

Award – a remuneration in money or in kind, payable (issued) to the Contest Winner.

Winner – the Participant (FYP author and supervisor), whose FYP meets the Evaluation criteria and Contest assignment or other conditions specified in these Regulations to the greatest extent by the inner conviction of the Committee and General designer.

Regulations – these Regulations on the public contest of FYPs.

Participant – persons (FYP author and supervisor) who sent their FYP for participation in the Contest meeting the requirements set forth in these Regulations.

1.2. Other terms and definitions found in these Regulations shall be interpreted in the meaning defined in these Regulations. If there are no definitions of certain notions in these Regulations, such terms are interpreted in accordance with the commonly used meaning.

1.3. The Contest Organizer is the closed joint stock company Unitsky String Technologies Co., registered on 12.02.2015 by the Minsk city Executive Committee under the number 192425076, located at the address: 222838, Minsk region, Pukhovichsky district, Novoselkovsky rural council, 35, district of Zorny Shlyakh street, Maryina Gorka.

1.4. This Contest is open. The offer of the Contest Organizer to take part in it is addressed to all interested persons by means of an announcement in the mass media.

1.5. The announcement of the Contest is published in open access on the Internet on the website in the “news” section. The announcement of the contest may be posted in other mass media, including the press.

1.6. Participation in the Contest does not require a payment or undertaking other actions, except for the requirements to the order of arrangement and submission of FYPs, as well as the requirements to provide information about the Participant submitting an FYP, preparation of application for participation, other requirements specified in these Regulations.

1.7. The Contest is considered invalid if less than 3 (three) applications for participation from different persons are submitted.




2.1. The Contest is aimed at achieving the following socially beneficial goals:

- ensuring the development, improvement and mass implementation of SkyWay transport technology that meets the requirements of environmental friendliness, high speed features, low energy and resource consumption;

- stimulating highly qualified specialists, representatives of scientific sector and productional branch;

- attracting attention and forming professional orientation of students of Universities, as well as secondary special and general educational institutions;

- use of scientific ideas, concepts, projects, etc. while developing and building string transport systems in order to preserve the biological diversity of the planet Earth, water and land resources;

- drawing attention to the problems of man-made nature caused by the use of existing transport systems and means, as well as developing ways to solve them.




3.1. Legal persons who have reached the age of eighteen are allowed to participate in the Contest.

3.2. Each Participant has the right to submit an unlimited number of FYPs for participation in the Contest. A separate application for participation is made by the Participant for each FYP.

3.3. The application for participation in the Contest is a message sent by email. The person who has expressed a desire to participate in the Contest shall send a message (letter) to the email address [email protected]. The subject line should include the phrase “For contest of works”. The content of the letter should reflect information about FYP author and supervisor as per the attached specified form (full name, contact phone number, email addresses, date of the author’s birth, higher educational institution). At the discretion of the Participant, the letter may contain other information (academic degree, academic title, etc.).

3.4. The FYP shall be attached to the email as a single file or an archive (in PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF formats).

3.5. While forwarding an application for participation in the Contest with the attached FYP, the Participant guarantees that:

- WRC was performed by him personally/in co-authorship;

- the Participant has the exclusive right to the submitted FYP;

- citations presented in the FYP have links to primary sources;

- photo, video, graphic materials and illustrations contain references to primary sources.

- materials that do not have links to primary sources are the result of the creative work of the author himself.

3.6. In case of non-compliance with the requirements for registration of the application specified in clauses 3.3, 3.5 of these Regulations, the Contest Organizer reserves the right to reject such an application. If an FYP is not submitted in accordance with clause 3.4 of these Regulations, the application is considered not submitted.

3.7. If gross violations of copyright are found, such as borrowings of works that do not belong to the author as a whole or their separate essential fragments without reference to the original sources, etc., the application for participation is not accepted by the Contest Organizer, and if such an application had been accepted before the relevant violations were discovered, it is canceled.




4.1. The application for participation in the Contest should be submitted no later than August 15, 2020.

4.2. Contest results shall be summed up no later than August 31, 2020.

4.3. If the Contest Organizer receives an application for participation beyond the deadline set in clause 4.1 of the Regulations, the application is not considered submitted.




5.1. The assignment for participation in the Contest is the implementation of a scientific research and preparation of an FYP on the topic of string transport and string technologies.

5.2. The branch scientific affiliation of an FYP is not limited by these Regulations (architecture, logistics, technical, geographical, economic, legal Sciences, etc.).

5.3. The FYP submitted for the Contest should have been completed no more than 5 (five) years ago.

5.4. If the terms of the Assignment set forth in clauses 5.1 and 5.3 of the Regulations are not met, the presented application is not considered submitted.




6.1. The Contest Organizer creates a Committee to evaluate FYP.

6.2. The composition of the Committee is determined by the Contest Organizer based on the topic and industrial scientific relevance of FYPs submitted by Participants.

6.3. The Committee may exclusively consist of persons who are not interested in the results of a particular Participant.

6.4. The Contest Organizer does not limit himself in the number of appointed members of the Committee. The number of members of the Committee is determined based on the number of submitted FYPs and their volume, both in general and in regard of each individual FYP.

6.5. The following aspects are taken into account when evaluating submitted FYPs by the Committee and the General designer of the Contest Organizer (evaluation criteria):

- relevance of the topic;

- clarity of goals and objectives;

- clarity in substantiating design solutions;

- software products used in the performance of an FYP;

- originality of the proposed solutions;

- profoundness of the topic presentation;

- scale of the assignment being solved in the FYP;

- quality in execution of solutions made;

- consistency and style of presentation;

- FYP design quality (including compliance with standards).

6.6. Based on the results of its work, the Committee submits to the General designer of the Contest Organizer a conclusion on FYPs that best meet the evaluation criteria specified by these Regulations. This conclusion is of a recommendatory nature.

6.7. The General designer of the Contest Organizer determines the Winner of the Contest, based on the results of studying the FYPs submitted for the Contest and based on the conclusion by the Committee and his inner conviction.




7.1. The Contest Organizer announces the results of the Contest, including the Contest Winner and the subject of his/her FYP by posting information in open access on the Internet on the website in the “news” section.

7.2. The Contest Organizer in his sole discretion shall have the right to notify the Contest Winner about the Contest results using the e-mail address or other contact information provided by the latter.



  1. AWARD


8.1. The Contest Winner (author and supervisor of FYP) is paid the following monetary remuneration:

А) to the author of FYP – monetary remuneration in Belarusian rubles in the amount equivalent to $ 1,000 (one thousand US dollars) at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the payment day;

Б) to the supervisor of FYP – monetary remuneration in Belarusian rubles in the amount equivalent to $ 1,000 (one thousand US dollars) at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the payment day;

8.2. If there is a co-authorship, the remuneration specified in clause 8.1 (A) is paid to each of the co-authors in equal shares.

8.3. If an FYP has several supervisors, the remuneration specified in clause 8.1 (B) is paid to each of the supervisors in equal shares.

8.4. If the Contest Winner is a foreign citizen, monetary remuneration may be paid in foreign currency (US dollars or other currency equivalent to the amounts specified in clause 8.1 of the Regulations).

8.5. Remuneration is paid based on the conclusion of the General designer. The conclusion should contain information about the Contest Winner (author and supervisor of FYP) and the amount of remuneration paid. The conclusion of the General designer is approved by the General Director of the Contest Organizer.

8.6. Monetary remuneration is paid by a Bank transfer to the account of the Contest Winner. The Contest Winner is obliged to fill in all the necessary documents provided by the Contest Organizer and related to receipt of the Award.

8.7. Commission expenses for bank operations to transfer funds from the Contest Organizer’s account to the Contest Winner’s account is paid by the Contest Organizer in the country of its incorporation, the Contest Winner pays them in his country of registration/residence/execution of main activities (with the exception of the Republic of Belarus).

8.8. The Contest Organizer, at his sole discretion, has the right to additionally provide the Contest Winner with other incentive prizes (books, certificates, diplomas, etc.).

8.9. The Contest Organizer, at his sole discretion, has the right to offer the winning author a job at Unitsky String Technologies Co. in accordance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Belarus. This clause does not impose any obligations on the Contest Organizer to provide such job (offering a vacancy).

8.10. The Contest Winner shall bear all transport and other expenses, including accommodation expenses, related to arrival in the Republic of Belarus, and any other expenses related to receiving awards/incentives not mentioned in these Regulations. The specified expenses are not compensated by the Contest Organizer.

8.12. In accordance with articles 23, 216 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus, when paying (issuing) the Award, the Contest Organizer acts as a tax agent and fulfills the obligation to calculate and pay the amount of income tax and other mandatory payments withheld from an individual in regard of such person’s income, the source of which is the tax agent. Based on the above, the Contest Organizer will deduct taxes and other mandatory payments from the remuneration amount in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

8.13. The Contest Winner has the right to declare his refusal to receive the Award/remuneration. Such refusal shall be sent to the Contest Organizer in the form of a written notification signed by the Contest Winner. The Contest Winner forfeits his rights to receive the Award from the date of receipt of the said written notification by the Contest Organizer.

8.14. If the Contest Winner does not apply for the Award/remuneration or refuses or does not accept the Award/remuneration within 3 (three) months from the date of announcement of the Contest results, the specified Award/remuneration remains the property of the Contest Organizer and shall not be subject to further payment (issue).




9.1. By submitting an application for participation in the Contest, the Participant confirms that he/she has read these Regulations and accepts all the conditions contained in it.

9.2. By submitting an application for participation in the Contest, the Participant agrees to the collection, processing, storage or use of his/her personal data, as well as to the publication of personal data of the Participant/Winner (full name) for the purpose of announcing the results of the Contest in open access on the Internet on the website in the “news” section, as well as in other mass media, including in print, at the discretion of the Contest Organizer.

9.3. By submitting an application for participation in the Contest, the Participant confirms that the information stated in the application and FYP does not contain commercial secrets, state secrets (national and official secrets), personal, family and other secrets of third parties.

9.4. In all other matters that are not stipulated by these Regulations, as well as regarding any legal relations that have arisen on the basis of these Regulations, the legislation of the Republic of Belarus is subject to application.

9.5. These Regulations are subject to publication in open access on the Internet on the website in the “news” section, and may also be published by the Contest Organizer in other mass media, including in print.

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